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Many people I meet have done some sort of research about web design. Lately, there is the constant talk of “responsive design”. When buying any product, you should know what you’re buying. This is even more important in the world of technology because there are enough acronyms and jargon to make you feel crazy! And unfortunately, a lot of people who want to take advantage of that. So, in this post, I hope I can clarify what responsive design is and why it’s important.

Nowadays, we constantly need to have instant access to search results anywhere, all the time. I don’t know about you, but starting up my computer to do a quick Google search sounds like a lot of unnecessary effort and hence, I find myself Googling almost everything on my phone. But there’s a price… We’ve all been there, opening a website and having to zoom in just to read text, then scrolling while reading only to scroll back again to the other side to read the next line. It’s just plain painful. That’s where responsive design works its magic. This design approach considers the screen size of the device you’re on and adjusts the website content accordingly. If you’re reading this post on your phone, you’ll notice how the text wraps around nicely and there’s no need to scroll across all the time! In the cases where I’ve seen this on other websites, it just makes me walk away from the site much less frustrated and more likely to return. Additionally, I care about what they have to say because it’s easy to read and I can get everywhere I need to go quickly and easily. It’s just a better experience.


What are your experiences with mobile sites or do you have any questions regarding responsive design? Let me know in the comments below.