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When I first started out making websites, I approached a bunch of businesses asking if they would be interested in having a website. Over and over again, I got the same question “Why do I need a website?” or “I’ve already got a Facebook page.”. Obvious isn’t it. Also, this is a perfectly valid question considering the extent of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ect. Stuck with this question, I asked myself – what do I do when I am looking for a small business? I noticed that I immediately went to Google and not social media. Why? Because I was looking for instant details and information, and sitting and scrolling through endless Facebook posts to find what I want is not in line with the incredibly fast-paced world that we live in or the immediate results we need. Don’t get me wrong, social media is a great platform to advertise businesses and I always encourage my clients to get a Facebook page if they don’t already have one. It all comes down to context. When a business has a website, to me, it just makes the business seem that much more established. In fact, that’s why Techtron Services wanted a website to begin with. Furthermore, if I’m looking at a website and it’s done right, it just makes me more confident in their products and/or services. If they can take the time and effort to get a decent web presence, I feel like they care enough about their business to care about my needs as a customer as well.


With Facebook and other platforms, we are unfortunately at their mercy. At the beginning of 2018, Mark Zuckerberg stated that since Facebook was intended to bring friends and family closer together, their search algorithm would be tailored to favour friends and family posts over business posts and adverts. This is the reality of these corporations, it’s not their fault, it’s just the way it is. Having your own website provides a solid platform for you to building your online presence, a platform that you can control.


At the end of the day, a hybrid option is almost always the best way to go. The reality is that people tend to go to websites for static information and social media for dynamic information. Generally, businesses use social media to draw people to their website. How often do we hear or read, “For more information, visit our website”. The reason why companies tend to do this is because social media is the most effective way to reach people. However, by drawing them to your website, you allow for the user to truly investigate your company which creates a space for you to truly appeal to your target market. Both platforms have their place, but they are most effective when they work together.


What are your thoughts? What do you do when you are looking for a company? What do you think about companies that have websites compared to those who work with Facebook? Leave a comment or a question down below.